Sunday, February 6, 2011

Learning Resources

   I think the only learning resource I have used at Canada College is the library. The first time I went to the library I was totally lost. I was trying to find either books, internet pages or any other kind of resources to release my investigation; so in the beginning I tried to do it by myself but it was so difficult, so I had to ask for some assitance. I have to say that I got great assintance for the person in the front desk. This person gave me a personal help, and he showed me how to utilize the computer system and he showed me the books organization too. He also told me about the different ways that I can look in the internet. So in general I can say that the service that this person offer to me was awesome, and thanks to his service my experience in the library was not boring.
   Besides the library, I want to use the tutory service, and I know all that I need to do is organize my work and school time to make this possible.

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  1. Mayra, I am so glad that you received help in learning to do research. Since you have a lot of interests and vast curiousity, these tools will be so useful to you! Don't give up on organizing your school and work life. From what I understand, you are stretched, but you'll get there! Jeanne