Sunday, March 6, 2011

The weather V/S Me

In the last couple weeks, the weather has been changing. One day is sunny and beautiful and the next day is raining and gray. A lot of people think that the weather has some effect in the people's mood. They think that sunlight and high temperature make people happier. Personally, I do not think the weather affect the people's mood. I think the people's mood depend of how is your life going on. It can be the  most beautiful day and if you are not in a mood, the weather it does not matter. However, I think sometimes raining days can make you feel a little bit of tiredness or bring people down. In general, I do not think the weather has some effect on people's positive or negative mood.
In another hand a lot of people take the bad weather as a big obstacle to do several things or to be happy or motivated. In my personal opion, I think we have to motivated ourselves in all the circumstances. Personally, I always try to solve whatever it happen and then keep going to my goals and dreams. I think the obstacles and unexpected circumstances in the life are just a lesson to grow up.

Besides the weather and obstacles, this is something that I want to share with all of you. Last monday, I had a really hard day at work. I asked myself couple of times during the day why am I doing here, I complain about my life, my job, in a few words I complain about everything. I thought today is one of the worst days in my life. And you know why was one the worst days in my life, just because I had some problems at work. On monday, I was not driving so at the end of my shift I walked to the train station. On my way to the train station I heard the train coming up, I started to complain one more time. I started to run to buy my ticket and catch the train on time. I got to the train station and I bought my ticket. The train was coming, so I started to walk to the yellow line to board the train. I saw the train was going to fast which means that it was not going to stop at the University Ave. So when the train was passing by, the guy that was stand infront of me jumped infront of the train. I was in shock I'd never seen someone finishing with his life like that. One second this guy was there and the next second he passed away. I do not what was he thinking but I do not think he finished with his life because he had a bad day at work. This unexpected experience make me think about my life. This experience taught me the value of the life and taugh me to enjoy the person who I am and what I have and  taught me about not make a storm in my life for small little things.